Pulmonaria Majestee

Bluish-pink flower bells from April-May. Silver-spotted leaves. Height 30 cm. Moist free-draining so..

Pulmonaria Blue Ensign

Deep blue flowers March-May. Height 20cm. Partial shade. Moist free-draining soil...

Pseudosasa japonica Tsutsumiana

Interesting bamboo, on larger culms internodes, expands giving a curved, bottle like effect. Height ..

Pseudosasa japonica

Arrow Bamboo. Olive-green culms. Deep green glossy leaves. Height up to 600cm. Dense growth. Very ha..

Prunella Summer Daze

Evergreen perennial groundcover with compact neat growth. Masses of pink flowers from June till Augu..

Primula x Pubescens auricula

Low growing and evergreen. Flowers of various colours in Spring including yellow, white, pink, purpl..

Primula vulgaris

Primrose Pale yellow flowers from March till May. Height 20 cm. Partial shade, free-draining humus-r..

Primula vialii

Clump-forming. Height 30 cm. Frost hardy. Dense spikes of tubular purple and red flowers in late Spr..

Primula veris Lime with Orange

Cowslip with lime-orange flowers. Evergreen. Height 20cm...

Primula veris Bright Deep Yellow

Cowslip Fragrant, bright yellow flowers in May-June. Height 20 cm. Evergreen...

Primula veris

This beautiful native Primrose is associated with the arrival of spring. The fragrant yellow flowers..

Primula Siobhan

Double Flowering Primula Red flowers from March to April. Height 15 cm..

Primula rosea Grandiflora

Height 15cm. Pink flowers with a yellow eye, before leaves develop, March-April...

Primula Quakers Bonnet

An old English favorite, this plant puts on a terrific show in early spring with its double mauve- l..

Primula Pink Ice

Fairly compact double flowers of pink with swirls of cream from February to May. Height 12 cm...

Primula Ooh La La Pastel Pink

Multi-headed pale pink flowers on strong stems. Begins blooming in Spring and continues through to A..

Primula Oakleaf Yellow Picotee

A unique Primrose with oak shaped scalloped leaves that form an evergreen rosette. Clusters of star-..

Primula Marie Crousse

Double Auricula Violet flowers, April-June. Height 15 cm. Sun or partial shade, moist well-drained ..

Primula jap Millers Crimson

Candelabra Primula Height 50cm. Crimson flowers in May and June...

Primula jap Alba

Candelabra Primrose with white flowers in June-July. Height 45 cm. Partial shade, moist, free-draini..

Primula Guinevere

Evergreen purple-green foliage. Flowers pale purple with a yellow center from March-May. Moist humus..

Primula Elizabeth Killelay

Unusual, fragrant double flowering Primula. Flowers have deep maroon petals with golden yellow edges..

Primula dent ruby

Drumstick Primula. Height  25 cm. Fully hardy, for any soil. Reddish flowers in March-April...

Primula dent lilac

Drumstick Primula Height  25cm. Fully hardy, for any soil, lilac flowers in March-April...