Alpine / Rockery

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Helianthemum Henfield Brilliant

As its name suggests, best planted in a sunny rockery, where it will reward you with plenty of brigh..

Helianthemum Pink Angel

A neat Rock rose, which flowers well. the ruffled double pink flowers appear from late spring and al..

Helianthemum Raspberry Ripple

Dark green foliage is evergreen. In summer the small double flowers have crinkled petals, are a deep..

Helianthemum The Bride

A compact grower with evergreen grey foliage. The cream flowers have golden centres and appear from ..

Helianthemum Wisley Pink

Ideal if you want to add a touch of silver all year round to your rockery. The soft pink flowers app..

Helianthemum Wisley Primrose

If you want to add a touch of grey to your rockery this is a good choice. The pale yellow flowers ha..

Houstonia coerulea

This is  a low, creeping mat with tiny green leaves. It will be smothered by tiny star shaped l..

Iberis Masterpiece

Huge flat clusters of pure white flowers with pink centers from May to October. Attracts butterflies..

Iberis Pink Ice

Mounds of foliage topped with clusters of soft pale pink flowers with dark pink centres from May to ..

Iberis semp Appen Etz

Produces numerous white flowers in early - mid Summer. Evergreen. Height 30 cm, spread 40 cm. Plant ..

Iberis semp Golden Candy

With its evergreen and golden foliage this plant will look well in a border, rockery or container. T..

Iberis semp Snowflake

The large, scented white flowers appear in late spring, early summer. Good evergreen addition to a r..

Lampranthus luteus

Green groundcover on a year round basis. In summer bright yellow flowers cover its succulent leaves...

Lampranthus red

A succulent with bright red flowers, opening in sunny conditions. Best in rockery or tubs where cond..

Lampranthus roseus

The dark rose-red flowers are sensational! Opening in sunny conditions all through summer . It needs..