Alpine / Rockery

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Lampranthus spec Tresco Apricot

The apricot flowers open up in the sun, all through summer. They will be noticed! Needs a dry spot a..

Lampranthus spect White

The white flowers open up during full sun and will brighten up your patio or tubs. Needs a dry, sunn..

Leontopodium alpinum

Easy to grow and frost hardy addition for a rockery. The tufts of woolly leaves are topped by starfi..

Lewisia cotyledon Elise

An exotic looking plant for the rockery. Succulent leaves. Masses of flowers in various pastel shade..

Limnanthes douglasii

Divided leaves. Scented white flowers with a yellow centre or yellow flowers with brown lines down t..

Lithodora diff Compacta

The delicate sky blue flowers will brighten the whole summer season. This evergreen plants loves an ..

Lithodora diff Heavenly Blue

The colour of the deep-blue, small flowers will remind you of a cloudless sky! A good evergreen gro..

Lysimachia numm Aurea

Creeping Jenny. Creeping stems bear yellow foliage. Bright yellow flowers in Summer. Sunny position,..

Lysimachia nummularia

Creeping Jenny Prostrate habit, green foliage. Excellent groundcover. Many bright yellow flowers in ..

Mesembryanthemum edulis

Trailing, for mild areas only. Height 5cm. Big lilac flowers from June-Aug...

Mimulus Highland Orange

Monkey Flower Snapdragon like orange flowers from from May-September. Evergreen. plant in rockery i..

Mimulus Highland Red

Monkey Musk Snapdragon like red flowers from from May-September. Height 20 cm. Evergreen. Plant in r..

Mimulus Highland Yellow

Monkey Flower Snapdragon like yellow flowers from May-September. Height 20 cm. Evergreen. Prefers mo..

Mimulus Orange Glow

Monkey Flower Bright orange flowers from May till September. Height 20 cm...

Myosotis scor Mermaid

Forget Me Not Compact. Soft blue flowers from June-October. Height 20 cm. Dark green leaves...