Alpine / Rockery

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Pratia pedunculata

Evergreen, creeping and vigorous. Height 1cm. A profusion of light blue star-shaped flowers during ..

Primula auricula

Fully hardy, evergreen. Fragrant flat mixed flowers are borne in large umbels in April. Height 15cm...

Primula cap Noverna Deep Blue

Semi-evergreen perennial. Deep blue flowers from June to Sept. Height 25 cm. Partial shade. Moist, h..

Primula dent alba

Drumstick Primula. Height  25cm. Fully hardy, for any soil, white flowers in March-April...

Primula dent lilac

Drumstick Primula Height  25cm. Fully hardy, for any soil, lilac flowers in March-April...

Primula dent ruby

Drumstick Primula. Height  25 cm. Fully hardy, for any soil. Reddish flowers in March-April...

Primula rosea Grandiflora

Height 15cm. Pink flowers with a yellow eye, before leaves develop, March-April...

Primula veris

This beautiful native Primrose is associated with the arrival of spring. The fragrant yellow flowers..

Primula veris Bright Deep Yellow

Cowslip Fragrant, bright yellow flowers in May-June. Height 20 cm. Evergreen...

Primula veris Lime with Orange

Cowslip with lime-orange flowers. Evergreen. Height 20cm...

Primula vulgaris

Primrose Pale yellow flowers from March till May. Height 20 cm. Partial shade, free-draining humus-r..

Primula x Pubescens auricula

Low growing and evergreen. Flowers of various colours in Spring including yellow, white, pink, purpl..

Pulsatilla v Weisse Schwan

Pasque Flower Height 20 cm. Big nodding, cup-shaped white flowers in Spring. Sunny position, well-dr..

Pulsatilla vulg Violet

Purple flowers from March-May. Well-drained soil. Height 20cm...

Pulsatilla vulgaris Rubra

Pasque flowers. Red-purple flowers from April-May. Height 20 cm...