Alpine / Rockery

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Raoulia hookeri

Evergreen, prostrate with tiny grey-silver rosettes. Best in poor gritty humus. Pale yellow-green fl..

Rhodohypoxis baurii Dulcie

Snow-white flowers from May-September. Height 10 cm. Sunny position, free-draining soil...

Rhodohypoxis baurii Milloides

Rockery. Scarlet red flowers from May till September. Height 10 cm. Sunny position, free-draining s..

Sagina subulata Aurea

Evergreen. Creeping, needle-shaped yellow leaves. White flowers from May to August. Height 2cm. Sunn..

Sagina subulata Senior

Evergreen rockery plant. Minute white flowers from June-August. Height 1cm. Carpet forming. Plant a..

Sanvitalia speciosa Inca

An abundance of small golden-yellow flowers covering a mound of tight green foliage from May to Octo..

Saponaria Bressingham

Large bright pink flowers in May-June. Height 10 cm. Sunny position, free-draining soil. Groundcove..

Saponaria ocymoides

Tumbling Ted Loose sprawling mats above which appears a profusion of flat pale pink to crimson flowe..

Saxifraga ar Carpet Pink

Pretty and compact rosettes of foliage topped in a carpet of dainty little flowers in shades of pink..

Saxifraga ar Carpet Purple

Mossy Saxifraga. Cup-shaped purple flowers on thin stems in May-June. Height 15 cm. Suitable for pla..

Saxifraga ar Carpet White

Mossy Saxifraga. Pretty and compact rosettes of foliage topped with a carpet of dainty white flowers..

Saxifraga Avoca Gem

Mossy. Mounds of green foliage topped with white flowers from April till May. Great rockery plant. H..

Saxifraga Ballawley Guardsman

Mossy. Height 20 cm. Flowers appear in April and May and have blood-red petals, that do not fade whe..

Saxifraga Cloth of Gold

Low cushion forming mounds of yellow foliage with white flowers in April and May. Colour is the best..

Saxifraga Findling

Mossy. Height 15 cm. White flowers from April till May. Good groundcover...