Grass & Grass-Like Plants

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Acorus gram. Ogon

With its golden variegated leaves, which stay evergreen, this is a versatile garden plant. It is sui..

Bromus inermis Skinners Gold

Perennial grass with golden foliage. Loose flower spikes in June-July. Height 50 cm. Sunny position ..

Calamagrostis Karl Foerster

Feather Reed Grass. Garden plant for the flowerbed in moist to wet fertile soil in full sun. A grass..

Calamagrostis x acu. Overdam

Upright grass with variegated green and white striped foliage. Soft feathery purplish plumes in Summ..

Carex buchananii Red Rooster

Garden plant for flowerbed in moist well drained soil in a sunny position. Very narrow copper-colour..

Carex comans Amazon Mist

Densely tufted, evergreen grass.  Amazon Mist' is a cool blue-grey-green color, with white..

Carex comans Bronco

Densely tufted, evergreen grass. Dainty, dark bronze-purple foliage.  In mid-late summer brown ..

Carex el.Aurea

Bowles Golden Sedge Deciduous. Bright narrow golden yellow leaves. Small spikes of dark brown flowe..

Carex Feather Falls

Forms a neat clump of cascading variegated green and cream striped leaves. Beautiful small feather l..

Carex hach. Evergold

Tufted evergreen. Yellow variegated foliage. Mid-late Spring bears brown flower-spikes. Height 30 cm..

Carex osh Everest

Forms mounds of arching dark green leaves with white margins. Height 45 cm. Great for a border edge ..

Carex petriei

Evergreen grass. This sturdy sedge has slender pinkish brown leaves that form a smooth, arching moun..

Carex test. Prairie Fire

This grass has tufted evergreen foliage. Olive green foliage. In sunshine striking orange-brown high..

Carex testacea

Densely tufted evergreen perennial grass. Bronze arching leaves. Brown flowerspikes in June-July. He..

Cortaderia sell. Pumila

Robust, evergreen grass with mid-green leaves with erect silvery-yellow plumes to 150 cm in Autumn. ..