Herbaceous Perennials

Herbaceous Perennials

Herbaceous plants (in botanical use frequently simply herbs) are plants that have no persistent woody stem above ground. The term is mainly applied to perennials, but in botany it may also refer to annuals or biennials, and include both forbs and graminoids.

Annual herbaceous plants die completely at the end of the growing season or when they have flowered and fruited, and they then grow again from seed.

Herbaceous perennial and biennial plants may have stems that die at the end of the growing season, but parts of the plant survive under or close to the ground from season to season.

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Corydalis Porcelain Blue

Garden plant for flowerbed in fertile humus-rich soil in partial shade.Vibrant aqua blue flowers in ..

Cosmos atro. New Choco

Velvety dark red, almost brown flowers from June to October will give the unmistakably delicious aro..

Cosmos Chocamocha

Sumptuous velvety bronze flowers on blue to green foliage during summer. Smells even more of chocola..

Crambe cordifolia

A real back of the border plant. Suitable for poor and dry soil and completely hardy.They will displ..

Crambe maritima

Superb textural plant with its waxy pale blue-green leaves with ruffled edges. Suitable for seaside ..

Crocosmia Dusky Maiden

Bronze orange freesia-like flowers are flared out on bronze stems along bronze grass-like foliage, M..

Crocosmia Emily McKenzie

Add a blast of late summer heat to your garden with these deep orange flowers, each with dark mahoga..

Crocosmia George Davison

The lemon-yellow flowers are born on slender stems. Very easy grown they will make sure that you ha..

Crocosmia Lucifer

The dense iris-like foliage will be toppped by the hottest Montbretia flowers. A fiery paprika-red, ..

Crocosmia Saracen

Dark green-bronze sword like leaves have an erect habit. Sprays of dusky red flowers in late Summer ..

Crocosmia Solfaterre

Smokey brown foliage, pale yellow- orange flowers from July-September. Height 60 cm. Grow Humus-ric..

Crocosmia Twilight Fairy Crimson

Showy compact crocosmia. Bronze foliage with multiple luminous crimson red flowerspikes in Summer. H..

Dahlia Bednall Beauty

With its glossy dark purple-black leaves combined with the bright semi-double crimson-red flowers th..

Dahlia Bishop of Llandaff

The bronze foliage and dark red flowers will add a splash of colour to late summer and autumn garden..

Dahlia Dreamy Fantasy

Sensational multi-coloured salmon and coral ruffled flowers with a touch of yellow are really striki..