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Lavandula Walbertons Silver Edge

Fragrant pale blue flowers in July-August. Variegated leaves. Height 40 cm , Spread 80 cm. Sunny p..

Lavandula x intermedia Grosso

The most fragrant of all lavenders! Narrow grey-green foliage contrasts beautifully with the long sl..

Lemon Balm

Melissa officinalis Leaves lemon-scented when crushed. Pale yellow flowers July-September. As a tea ..

Lemon Grass

Cymbopogon Citratus Perennial grass. Fragrant leaves. Stalks are used to flavour dishes but are remo..

Lemon Verbena

Lemon scented bright green leaves on upright stems. Sprays of tiny lilac/white flowers July-August. ..


Levesticum officinalis Perennial herb. Fresh leaves are used for flavouring salads, sauces, soup and..

Mint Applemint Variegated

Attractive white variegated leaves. Plant in sunny position. Used for mint sauce or tea. Height 70cm..

Mint Banana

This mint has the unique fragrance and flavour of banana. Lavender flowers and attracts butterflies...

Mint Black Peppermint

Used for flavouring. Strong flavour. Dark foliage. Plant in warm, sheltered, shady positions. Heigh..

Mint Chocolate

Likes sunny to  partial shade, a fast groundcover smelling of chocolate. Height 100cm...

Mint Creeping Corsican mint

Evergreen, carpet forming perennial. Minty smell when walked over. Sun or partial shade, moist soil...

Mint Curley

Suitable for tea, mint-sauce, mint-jelly and mint-butter. Nice curley foliage for garnishing. Height..

Mint Eau de Cologne

Mentha citrata excellent in pot-pourri. Height 50cm..

Mint Garden

Mentha sachalinensis. Ideal mint for tea or sauces. Green leaves with mint scent and taste. Height 4..

Mint Gingermint

Mentha x gentilis, lilac flowers, slight flavour of ginger Variegated foliage. Height 90 cm...