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Mint Grapefruit

Grapefruit scented mint for use in sauces and salads. Hardy perennial for moist soils. Sun or partia..

Mint Indian

Height 10 cm, Luscious green foliage, reddish brown on reverse of foliage. Vigorous growth. Suitable..

Mint Moroccan

Dark foliage. Can be used same as spearmint in mint-sauce, with peas and potatoes. Height 60 cm, go..

Mint Peppermint

Mentha piperita Prefers moist site. Used culinary in mint sauce, mint-jelly and salads. Height 90cm...

Mint Spearmint

Leaves are used in mint sauce, with peas and potatoes or used as mint tea. Height 90cm...

Mint Swiss Spearmint

Strong-flavoured variety of spearmint. Leaves are used in mint sauce, with peas and potatoes or used..


Wild Marjoram Matt-forming. Height 45 cm, fully hardy. Used in mediterranean cooking...

Oregano golden

Used with meat and mediterranean cooking. Golden yellow leaves. Pink flowers July - Sept. Height 40c..

Oregano Greek

Strong aroma. White flowers. Widely used in Italian cooking. Height 40cm...

Oregano Hot n Spicy

Leaves have peppery flavour. Used in Italian dishes. Grow in full sun in poor fertile soil with good..

Oregano vulg Country Cream

Variegated Marjoram Height 30 cm. Suitable for patio or border. Sunny position. Used as herb in medi..

Oregano vulg Thumbles Variety

Used in mediterranean cooking. Golden foliage, strong strain. Purple flower. from July till Oct. Sun..

Origanum vulg Compactum

Aromatic perennial herb. Pink flowers from July to Sept. Height 30 cm. Sunny position. Leaves used i..


Apium graveolens Looks like parsley, tastes like celery. Add leaves to salads, stews and stuffing. H..


Used as a garnish in many dishes. Rich in vitamins C and E. Bright green curly foliage. Height 60 c..