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Bright green leaves, very strong peppermint scent. Mauve flowers in late spring. Medicinal use. Used..

Plain Parsley

Used as a garnish in many dishes. Rich in vitamins C and E. Dark green foliage. Also called Italian ..

Rocket Salad

Eruca sativa Annual herb. Use young foliage and flowers in salads and sauces. Height 80 cm...


Rosmarinus officinalis Leaves are used to flavor meat, soups, and stews. Medicinally used for headac..

Rosemary Barbeque

Aromatic. Leaves are used to flavor meats, soups, etc. Medicinally used for headaches, migraines, an..

Rosemary o Ms Jessop Upright

Rosemary Fine leaves the upright form of rosemary. Blue flowers June-July. Height 160 cm. Sunny pos..

Rosemary off Majorca Pink

Pale pink flowers from June-July. Leaves are used to flavor meats, soups, etc. Medicinally used for ..


A popular herb in sausages, stuffing, and roast. Height 60 cm. Lilac-blue flower May-June. Sunny pos..

Sage golden

A yellow variegated form of sage. Used to flavor poultry and also popular in stuffing, sausages, roa..

Sage off Bicolor

Green leaves with a white margin. Height 50cm. Blue flowers from April to August. Evergreen...

Sage off Tricolor

Height 60 cm. Grey-green foliage splashed with pink and white margins. Use as sage. Blue flowers fro..

Sage purple

Purple, evergreen foliage. Leaves are used in stuffings, sauces, stews. Purple-blue flowers May-June..

Sorrel broadleafed

Rumex acetosa. Leaves can be used sparingly in salads, soups and stews. Green foliage. Height 60 cm...

St Johns Wort

Small shrub with clusters of lemon-scented, yellow flowers from June-August. Medicinal herb, if take..

Stevia rebaudiana

A perennial herb with slender oblong green leaves which are edible and sweet tasting. Tubular white ..