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Thymus vulgaris Used in flavoring soups, sauces, stews, Beneficial in gastro-intestinal and lung com..

Thymus Foxley

Broad leafed variegated thyme. Pink flowers in summer. Used in traditional cooking but also good use..

Thymus vulg Compacta

Evergreen perennial. Herb used for stuffing. Purple flowers May-July. Height 15 cm. Sunny position, ..


Valeriana officinalis. Roots give assistance in relieving nervous disorders. Height 150 cm. Moist fr..

Variegated Lemon Balm

Leaves are lemon scented use for potpourri or tea. Golden variegated foliage. Height 120 cm. Fresh l..

Water Cress

Nasturtium oficinalle . Shiny bright green leaf. Small white flowers in Spring & Summer. Popular i..

Winter savory

Satureia montana. Appetite stimulant, digestive. Good antiseptic gargle. Height 40 cm. Sunny positio..

Angelica Archangelica

The stems of second year growth can be used to flavour to jams, jellies and stewed fruit. Medi..