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Lewisia cotyledon Elise

An exotic looking plant for the rockery. Succulent leaves. Masses of flowers in various pastel shades of pink, orange, yellow and white. Height 20cm.

Primula auricula

Fully hardy, evergreen. Fragrant flat mixed flowers are borne in large umbels in April. Height 15cm.

Primula x Pubescens auricula

Low growing and evergreen. Flowers of various colours in Spring including yellow, white, pink, purple, red, etc. Some are even bi-coloured and often fragrant. Height 10cm.

Anemone cor. ‘St Brigid Mix’

A colourful mix of semi-double flowers in a range of shades from late Spring into the mid-Summer. Height 25cm. Spread 10cm.

Papaver ‘Champagne Bubbles Mix’

A colourful short-lived perennial poppy. Usually self-seeds and comes back year after year. Beautiful large flowers that come in a wide range of pastel shades and bicolours. Height 45cm.