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Gazania rigens splendens

Mostly grown for its cheery, absolutely huge orange flowers, which appear right through the summer. Only completely hardy in coastal areas. Height 10 cm. Spread 30 cm.

Helianthemum Ben More

Deep orange flowers will appear all summer covering this neat and compact, evergreen plant that needs a place in the sun. Height 20 cm. Spread 35 cm.

Helianthemum Fire Dragon

An excellent evergreen choice for a rockery or trough. Single, glowing orange flowers with yellow eye appear in late spring, early summer. Height 20 cm. Spread 30 cm.

Helianthemum Fireball

Fluffy double orange-red flowers above an olive green foliage from May-September. Cut back foliage after flowering to keep shape. Height 20 cm, spread 40 cm.

Helianthemum Henfield Brilliant

As its name suggests, best planted in a sunny rockery, where it will reward you with plenty of bright orange flowers from late spring and all through the summer. Height 15 cm. Spread 40 cm.

Lampranthus spec Tresco Apricot

The apricot flowers open up in the sun, all through summer. They will be noticed! Needs a dry spot and frost protection. Best planted in tubs or a dry rockery. Height 15 cm. Spread 10 cm.

Mimulus Highland Orange

Monkey Flower Snapdragon like orange flowers from from May-September. Evergreen. plant in rockery in full sun moist soil. Height 20cm.

Mimulus Orange Glow

Monkey Flower Bright orange flowers from May till September. Height 20 cm.

Viola Penny Orange

Clear vibrant orange petals - larger than most Viola. Rich flowering. Height 15 cm.