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Aubrieta Dr. Mules Variegata

Large double, rich purple flowers create a carpet effect. Variegated foliage. This evergreen aubrieta can be used in rockery and trailing over walls. Flowers in spring. Height 10 cm. Spread 40 cm.

Aubrieta hyb. Audrey Red-Purple

Bigger, and with a longer flowering period than other Aubrieta varieties. Large, vibrant flowers in shades of red and purple. Height 10cm, spread 40cm. Plant in full sun in moist but well drained soil.

Mesembryanthemum edulis

Trailing, for mild areas only. Height 5cm. Big lilac flowers from June-Aug.

Phlox sub Emerald Cushion

Creeping Phlox. Pale blue flowers from April-June. Height 15 cm.

Polygala cham grandiflora

Rockery. Evergreen. Purple and yellow flowers in May and June. Height 15 cm. Needs humus-rich, well draining soil. For sun or partial shade.

Pratia ang Tim Rees

Height 2 cm, small dark green foliage with dark red stems. Dark purple tiny star-shaped flowers in Summer.

Primula cap Noverna Deep Blue

Semi-evergreen perennial. Deep blue flowers from June to Sept. Height 25 cm. Partial shade. Moist, humus-rich soil.

Primula dent lilac

Drumstick Primula Height  25cm. Fully hardy, for any soil, lilac flowers in March-April.

Pulsatilla vulg Violet

Purple flowers from March-May. Well-drained soil. Height 20cm.

Saxifraga ar Carpet Purple

Mossy Saxifraga. Cup-shaped purple flowers on thin stems in May-June. Height 15 cm. Suitable for planting in cracks or as a groundcover in front of an alpine border. Plant in moist, well-drained soil.

Sempervivum Lav and Old Lace

House leek Rockery. Purple-red rosettes with purple-green tips. Pale purple flowers from June-July. Height 15 cm. Plant in a sunny position, free-draining soil.

Sempervivum Ruby Heart

House leek Rockery. Rosettes are ruby-red. Pink flowers in June and July. Height 10 cm.