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Aubrieta Variegated Red

With its silver variegated evergreen foliage this plant deserves a place in the rockery. The red flowers contrast well with the foliage and appear in Spring. Height 10 cm. Spread 30 cm

Dianthus delt.Leuchtfunk

This evergreen and mat forming plant has many uses: rockery, edging or ground cover. It produces small but brilliant cerise flowers in Summer. Stunning! Height 10 cm. Spread 20 cm.

Dianthus Red Dwarf

Small cushion-forming perennial with grey-green evergreen leaves. Red flowers from June-August. Height 10 cm. Plant in a sunny position, free-draining soil.

Diascia Red Miracle

Showing a bright red coloured flowers all through the summer, this is an ideal addition to a cottage style garden, at the front. Ideally needs a sunny location. Height 20 cm. Spread 20 cm.

Helianthemum Cerise Queen

The double scarlet flowers will appear in big numbers from early to late summer. Best planted in a sunny rockery or front of border as edging. Height 20 cm. Spread 40 cm.

Helianthemum Fireball

Fluffy double orange-red flowers above an olive green foliage from May-September. Cut back foliage after flowering to keep shape. Height 20 cm, spread 40 cm.

Lampranthus red

A succulent with bright red flowers, opening in sunny conditions. Best in rockery or tubs where conditions are dry. Add this plant for a Wow factor, protect against frost. Heigth 15 cm. Spread 10 cm

Mimulus Highland Red

Monkey Musk Snapdragon like red flowers from from May-September. Height 20 cm. Evergreen. Plant in rockery, full sun moist soil.

Papaver nud Spring Fever Red

Multiple compact stems of large vivid red flowers in April and May. Ideal for wildflower meadows. Height 30cm.

Phlox doug Red Admiral

Vigorous grower, but compact habit. Height 10 cm. Crimson flowers in April and May.

Phlox sub McDaniels Cushion

Rockery, semi-evergreen. Red flowers in May and June. Sunny position and free- draining soil. Height 15cm.

Primula dent ruby

Drumstick Primula. Height  25 cm. Fully hardy, for any soil. Reddish flowers in March-April.