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Campanula garg Dickons Gold

Its golden heart-shaped leaves are an asset to a rockery or will brighten a border if used as edging. Produces star-shaped blue flowers in summer. Height 10 cm. Spread 30 cm.

Chiastophyllum opp. Frosted Jade

A good addition for the rockery or front of border. Its golden variegated leaves will be on show all year. In Spring its yellow flowers resemble and move like lambs tails. Height 20 cm. Spread 25 cm

Erodium castellanum

With its unusual bright pink flowers placed well above its fuzzy Fernslike foliage this is a good addition to a sunny rockery. Height 15 cm. Spread 20 cm.

Erodium chrysanthmum

Mostly grown for its lacy silver grey foliage, which will look well in any rockery. The yellow flowers will appear in Spring. Best planted in a sunny spot. Height 15 cm. Spread 20 cm.

Lampranthus luteus

Green groundcover on a year round basis. In summer bright yellow flowers cover its succulent leaves. Needs a dry and sunny spot. Height 15 cm. Spread 50 cm.

Lampranthus roseus

The dark rose-red flowers are sensational! Opening in sunny conditions all through summer . It needs a dry spot and protection against frost but will certainly get noticed. Height 15 cm, spread 10 cm

Lampranthus spec Tresco Apricot

The apricot flowers open up in the sun, all through summer. They will be noticed! Needs a dry spot and frost protection. Best planted in tubs or a dry rockery. Height 15 cm. Spread 10 cm.

Lampranthus spect White

The white flowers open up during full sun and will brighten up your patio or tubs. Needs a dry, sunny spot and frost protection in winter. A definite crowd pleaser. Height 15 cm. Spread 10 cm

Lysimachia numm. Aurea

Creeping Jenny. Creeping stems bear yellow foliage. Bright yellow flowers in Summer. Sunny position, well draining soil. Height 5cm.

Lysimachia nummularia

Creeping Jenny Prostrate habit, green foliage. Excellent groundcover. Many bright yellow flowers in Summer. Height 5 cm.

Oxalis adenophylla

Rockery. Sunny position. Large pink flowers in May-June, very hardy. Height 8cm,

Phlox amoena Variegata

Rockery, semi-evergreen cream- margined foliage. Deep pink flowers, May-June. Sunny position, free-draining soil.