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Dianthus Neon Star

The large fluorescent pink flowers are toothed, scented and showy. They combine well with the silvery blue foliage that will grace the rockery all year. Height 15 cm. Spread 30 cm

Dianthus Sherbet

Fluffy and frothy like its name suggests! Big double magenta flowers on a very tidy growing evergreen addition to the garden. Ht. 15 cm. Spread 20 cm.

Dianthus Starry Eyes

Evergreen. Blue-grey leaves with pure white, red-centered fragrant flowers in Summer & Autumn. Garden plant for rockery, container or front of border in a sunny position in free-draining soil. Height 10 cm. Spread 30 cm.

Dianthus Whatfield Can Can

This plants will form a small grey green cushion in your garden and will be covered with beautifully scented, double pink flowers in Spring. Height 15 cm. Spread 15 cm.

Erysimum suff Goldstaub

A compact grower, dark green foliage showing all year. Its bright golden yellow flowerspikes are set well above foliage and carry a spicy scent all summer. Height 25 cm. Spread 20 cm.

Limnanthes douglasii

Divided leaves. Scented white flowers with a yellow centre or yellow flowers with brown lines down the petals throughout summer. Height 15cm.

Myosotis scor Mermaid

Forget Me Not Compact. Soft blue flowers from June-October. Height 20 cm. Dark green leaves.

Thymus doef Bressingham

Height 10 cm. Creeping, grey leaves in rosettes. Pink flowers in June and July. Suitable for crazy paving. Evergreen.

Thymus Doone Valley

Creeping Lemon Thyme Height 5 cm. Lilac flowers in June-July. Golden, variegated evergreen foliage. Sunny position, free-draining soil.

Thymus serp coccineus

Creeping, suitable for crazy pavement. Dark green foliage with pink flowers from June till September. Height 5 cm.

Thymus serpyllum albus

Creeping, height 10 cm. Green foliage with white flowers in August.

Thymus x c Archers Gold

Height 10 cm, compact growth. Bright yellow foliage. strongest in Summer. Pale lavender flowers in June-July. Evergreen.