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Fargesia dracocephala

Hardy bamboo which comes from the mountain forests of China. A clumping variety. Dark green dense foliage which arches over gracefully at the top. Ideal for hedge. Height 2 metres  

Fargesia murielae Simba

Bamboo suitable for smaller gardens. Ht. 250 cm, any free draining soil, suitable for hedging, bushy and compact.

Fargesia nitida

Fountain Bamboo. Ht 3-4 m. Exceptional resistant to cold. Prefers cool and shady site. Best used as solitary clump. Evergreen

Fargesia robusta

"Walking Stick Bamboo" Clumping, shade-loving with strong canes. Dark green foliage light green stems. Height up to 4 m.

Fargesia rufa

Height 2 metres. Hardy. As the olive-green canes mature, they lean gently away from the centre to give a luxuriant plant.

Indocalamus tessellatus

Height 2 m. Large and long, shiny dark green leaves.Can be used as in a Rockery & undergrowth nice and compact.

Semiarundinaria fastuosa

Height to 800 cm. Suitable for all locations. Hardy. Suitable for hedge, windbreak, and isolated clump. Young edible shoots.

Semiarundinaria viridis

Upright bamboo and good for screening. Dark green leaves likes sun or shade. Height 800 cm.

Shibataea kumasasa

Ruckus Leaves Bamboo Height to 100 cm. It has short dark green leaves. Prefers cool places, too much shade it wilts. Use: Border, low hedge, undergrowth, clump.