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Fargesia rufa

Height 2 metres. Hardy. As the olive-green canes mature, they lean gently away from the centre to give a luxuriant plant.

Hibanobambusa t. Shiroshima

Stems to 200 cm tall, variegated bamboo. Thin stems, large green striped with yellow leaves.Its foliage tolerates cold and dryness.

Indocalamus tessellatus

Height 2 m. Large and long, shiny dark green leaves.Can be used as in a Rockery & undergrowth nice and compact.

Pleioblastus viridi-striatus

Fully hardy to -23 C. Leaf hairy on both sides. Yellow in spring with green stripe, getting greener later in the year. Height 150 cm. Semi-shade to full sun.

Sasaella mas albostriata

Height to 150cm. Suitable for all locations. Hardy. Variegated foliage, especially bright in Spring. Suitable for solitary planting, clump, border or pot.

Shibataea kumasasa

Ruckus Leaves Bamboo Height to 100 cm. It has short dark green leaves. Prefers cool places, too much shade it wilts. Use: Border, low hedge, undergrowth, clump.