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Sasa tsuboiana

Stems up to 100 cm high. Good groundcover forms dense bright green clumps. Bright green stems.

Sasa veitchii

Height to 100 cm. Hardy. In early winter leaf, edges become cream-white, very attractive. Suitable for clump, hedge, undergrowth, embankment, solitary.

Sasaella mas albostriata

Height to 150cm. Suitable for all locations. Hardy. Variegated foliage, especially bright in Spring. Suitable for solitary planting, clump, border or pot.

Sasaella ramosa

Height to 100 cm. Suitable for all locations. Tolerates full sun. Suitable to stabilize awkward grounds. In winter leaf edges become beige-white.

Semiarundinaria fastuosa

Height to 800 cm. Suitable for all locations. Hardy. Suitable for hedge, windbreak, and isolated clump. Young edible shoots.

Semiarundinaria viridis

Upright bamboo and good for screening. Dark green leaves likes sun or shade. Height 800 cm.

Shibataea kumasasa

Ruckus Leaves Bamboo Height to 100 cm. It has short dark green leaves. Prefers cool places, too much shade it wilts. Use: Border, low hedge, undergrowth, clump.