David Austin® English Roses are outstanding Roses. They are popular for their fragrance and repeat flowering.

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Rosa ‘Claire Austin’

Rosa 'Claire Austin' (Ausprior) David Austin® English Rose. An outstanding climbing English rose with beautiful large creamy-white flowers from July to October. Flowers have a strong fragrance. Mid-green foliage. Can reach up to 375cm in height.

Rosa ‘The Albrighton Rambler’

Rosa 'The Albrighton Rambler' (Ausmobile) David Austin® English Rose. A beautiful rambling rose with outstanding pale pink double flowers, which can fade to white, from mid-Summer to Autumn. A scented repeat flowering rose. Can reach up to 375cm in height.

Rosa ‘Tranquility’

Rosa 'Tranquility' (Ausnoble) David Austin® English Rose. A bushy and upright shrub rose, clothed in light green foliage which curves out in a most attractive manner. The buds are appear a light yellow however they open to beautifully rounded pure white flowers. Can reach a maximum height of 125cm.