David Austin® English Roses are outstanding Roses. They are popular for their fragrance and repeat flowering.

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Rosa ‘Golden Celebration’®

Rosa 'Golden Celebration' (Ausgold) David Austin® English Rose. One of the largest English roses which bears rich yellow flowers above lush, mid-green foliage. Gives off a beautiful tea fragrance with hints of strawberry. Dead head to encourage repeat flowering. Can reach up to 125cm in height.

Rosa ‘Imogen’

Rosa 'Imogen' (Austritch) David Austin® English Rose. A beautiful shrub rose which bears pretty, lightly scented pale yellow blooms with frilled petals, that can fade to cream. This shrub forms sturdy upright stems which bear glossy green foliage. Attractive to pollinators. A slightly smaller English rose with a maximum height of 90cm.

Rosa ‘The Pilgrim’®

Rosa 'The Pilgrim' (Auswalker) David Austin® English Rose. A climbing English rose with beautiful blooms of soft yellow flowers. The perfect plant to brighten up any garden. Has a strong aromatic scent. Can reach up to 375cm in height.

Rosa ‘The Poet’s Wife’

Rosa 'The Poet's Wife' (Auswhirl) David Austin® English Rose. A nicely rounded English shrub rose with arching branches and shiny foliage. Neat bright yellow flowers form which have a strong rich fragrance with a hint of lemon. Its scent becomes stronger with age. Can reach a maximum height of 110cm.