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Dryopteris aff. Crispa Congesta

A hardy, small and compact evergreen fern. As it's name suggest the bright green fronds appear crispy and congested on the plant. It's neat size makes it and ideal choice for rockeries, borders, woodland gardens, or in pots/containers. Height 30 cm, spread 30 cm. A versatile garden plant which will tolerate most soils (dry or moist) and conditions(sun or shade) but it's preference is a moist partially shaded spot in the garden.

Osmunda regalis ‘Pupurescens’

A smaller Royal Fern. Forms a large clump of long and arching, deeply divided foliage, which changes colour constantly during the season providing wonderful interest. New red-purple fronds emerge in Spring and gradually turn to a bright green in Summer, further turning then to a yellow and finally bronze in Autumn. Garden plant for flowerbed in moist or boggy soil in full or partial shade. Great groundcover fern. Will tolerate sun in a cooler area in constantly moist soil. Good for marginal planting. Height and spread (approx) - 120 cm x 100 cm.