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Athyrium ‘Silver Falls’

A unique fern with a broad habit. Attractive, arching triangular fronds are silvery-green. Foliage is a strong silver in Spring changing to green as the season progresses. Purple-red stems and midribs create a striking contrast. An excellent ground-cover for moist shady areas. A versatile garden plant for flowerbed. Prefers a damp soil in full or partial shade. Good for under-planting, in shady areas, in the woodland or rock garden. Approximate height and spread; 90cm x 60cm.

Dryopteris aff. Crispa Cristata

A hardy evergreen fern. As it's name suggest the bright green fronds appear crispy or curled. They are crested at the tips with ruffled edges and may be arching or erect. Height 90 cm, spread 60 cm. A versatile garden plant which will tolerate most soils (dry or moist) and conditions(sun or shade) but it's preference is a moist partially shaded spot in the garden.

Dryopteris f.m. Linearis Polydactyla

Delicate long arching light green fronds. Skeletal in appearance. Deciduous fern. Height 80 cm.

Dryopteris filix-mas

A native Irish fern. Graceful and easy to grow. Large light green triangular fronds are evergreen and resemble a shuttlecock. Height 90 cm.

Dryopteris wallichiana

Semi-evergreen Ferns. New fronds are a golden green with black hairy midrib and stem. Remove old fronds in Spring after last frost to allow new growth to uncurl.  Height 90 cm ,Spread. 90 cm.

Polystichum polyblepharum

Height 75 cm. Suitable as a solitary plant or use in a group. Non-invasive. Neutral to acid soil. Evergreen, glossy foliage.