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Matteuccia struthiopteris

Shuttlecock-like tufts, deciduous. Needs sheltered, moist site. Height 120 cm.

Onoclea sensibilis

Sensitive Ferns Deciduous, arching, fresh pale green fronds. In Autumn fronds turn yellowish-brown. Height 45 cm. Prefers partial shade and moist soil.

Osmunda regalis

Royal Ferns. Rich loamy, damp soil. Suitable for pond margins. Brown flowerspikes. Height 200 cm.

Osmunda regalis ‘Pupurescens’

A smaller Royal Fern. Forms a large clump of long and arching, deeply divided foliage, which changes colour constantly during the season providing wonderful interest. New red-purple fronds emerge in Spring and gradually turn to a bright green in Summer, further turning then to a yellow and finally bronze in Autumn. Garden plant for flowerbed in moist or boggy soil in full or partial shade. Great groundcover fern. Will tolerate sun in a cooler area in constantly moist soil. Good for marginal planting. Height and spread (approx) - 120 cm x 100 cm.