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Calamagrostis Karl Foerster

Feather Reed Grass. Garden plant for the flowerbed in moist to wet fertile soil in full sun. A grass that accompanies low growing perennials very well. An attractive upright grass with dark green leaves. Soft feathery green plumes in Summer mature to stiff pale brown spikes lasting to late Autumn. Height 150 cm, spread 70 cm. 

Cortaderia sell. Pumila

Robust, evergreen grass with mid-green leaves with erect silvery-yellow plumes to 150 cm in Autumn. Grow in fertile well-drained soil in full sun.

Leymus arenarius

Pale blue-grey leaves. Height 150 cm. Flowers May-July. Sunny position. Fast growers.

Miscanthus sin Ferne Osten

Clump forming grass with narrow silver and dark green foliage turning to a copper red in Autumn. Dark red and pink plumes in August. Height 120-150cm, spread 90 cm.

Miscanthus sin Gracillimus

Maiden grass Narrow curving leaves with midrib. Turning bronze in Autumn. Sunny position free-draining soil. Height 200 cm

Miscanthus sin Kleine Silberspinne

White-tinged, red panicles fading to Silver from Sept-October. Sunny position, free-draining soil. Height 120cm

Miscanthus sin Malepartus

Height 200 cm. Nice plumes in September- October. Plant in free-draining moist soil in sunny position.

Miscanthus sin Variegatus

Height 175 cm. Foliage striped with white. Clump forming good for back of borders.

Miscanthus sin. ‘Ruby Cute’

A beautiful deciduous grass with slender green leaves with turn to a bright ruby red in Autumn. In late summer a feathery display of silvery flower heads rise well above the foliage, bringing texture and movement to garden borders. This beautiful deciduous grass is equally attractive in containers where it foliage will spill gracefully over the edges. Height 130 cm, spread 60 cm.

Miscanthus sinensis ‘China’

An architectural grass which adds height, structure, and movement to the garden. Narrow and arching, olive-green leaves form a large clump. In late Summer and Autumn silky panicles emerge a brownish-red and age to silvery-pink. Garden plant for flowerbed in moist but well-drained soil in full sun or partial shade. Protect from excessive Winter wet. Good in beds, borders, coastal, city or courtyard gardens. Height 160cm, spread 90 cm.