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Carex comans Amazon Mist

Densely tufted, evergreen grass. Amazon mist is a cool blue-grey-green colour, with white on the undersides of the leaves, which gracefully curl back. This carex is gorgeous in containers. Plant in moist soils in sun or partial shade. Avoid extremes of wet or dry. Can reach a height of 40cm.

Carex Feather Falls

Forms a neat clump of cascading variegated green and cream striped leaves. Beautiful small feather like flower plumes in Spring. Great for border edge, rockery or planters. Tolerates full sun. Height 45 cm

Spread 60 cm.

Carex hach. Evergold

Tufted evergreen. Yellow variegated foliage. Mid-late Spring bears brown flower-spikes. Height 30 cm. Plant in fertile, moist but well-drained soil in full sun or partial shade.

Carex osh Everest

Forms mounds of arching dark green leaves with white margins. Height 45 cm. Great for a border edge or planters. Plant in moist but well draining soil in full sun to partial

Carex petriei

Evergreen grass. This sturdy sedge has slender pinkish brown leaves that form a smooth, arching mound of foliage. It's soft warm color enhances the pinkish purple hues in the perennial border. Height 25 cm, spread 30 cm.  Garden plant for flowerbed in moist well drained soil in a sunny position. Great winter color for borders.

Carex test. Prairie Fire

This grass has tufted evergreen foliage. Olive green foliage. In sunshine striking orange-brown highlights appear. Orange-brown color will remain in the winter months. Creates a great fiery display! Height 50 cm.

Carex testacea

Densely tufted evergreen perennial grass. Bronze arching leaves. Brown flowerspikes in June-July. Height 60 cm.  Plant in most soils in sun or partial shade.

Miscanthus sin Yakushima Dwarf

Green and white variegated foliage with silvery pink fluffy flowerheads in Summer. Foliage turns a golden bronze in Autumn. Height 120cm.

Ophiopogon plan Nigrescens

An ornamental, evergreen grass with attractive dark purple to black leaves. Lilac flowers in summer are followed by shiny black fruits. Best grown in rockery. Height 25 cm. Spread 20 cm.

Uncinia rubra

Height 80 cm. Striking red foliage. Suitable for accent planting, group planting or tub.

Uncinia rubra Everflame

Bright copper foliage with a bronze/ scarlet edge. Fully hardy. Full or partial shade in well drained soil. Height 30 cm.