Herbaceous plants (in botanical use frequently simply herbs) are plants that have no persistent woody stem above ground. The term is mainly applied to perennials, but in botany it may also refer to annuals or biennials, and include both forbs and graminoids.

Annual herbaceous plants die completely at the end of the growing season or when they have flowered and fruited, and they then grow again from seed.

Herbaceous perennial and biennial plants may have stems that die at the end of the growing season, but parts of the plant survive under or close to the ground from season to season.

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Gunnera manicata

This is a plant that needs loads of space. Very dramatic and ideal for big gardens with damp areas. A leaf can measure upto 150 cm. Needs mulch-cover for crowns in winter. Height 250 cm. Spread 300 cm.

Helleborus Angel Glow

Flowers open a light pink colour and darken with age to become deep pink. Attractive glossy leaves and blooms in December and January make great winter colour. Height  60 cm.

Helleborus Double Anna White Spotted

Double white flowers with purple specks. Flowers from January - April. Evergreen glossy foliage. Height 35 cm. Plant in partial shade in moist & fertile soil.

Helleborus niger

The earliest flowering herbaceous plant, from January till April, with its long-lasting white flowers, is best used in small group at the front of the border. Height 25 cm. Spread 25 cm.

Helleborus niger Praecox

Forms a sturdy clump of leathery dark green foliage. Large cup shaped white flowers early in Spring - even earlier in milder areas. Prefers partial shade. Height 30cm. Spread 40cm.

Helleborus or. Double Anna Red

Large cup shaped, double dark red-purple flowers in Winter and Spring. Glossy evergreen foliage.  Height 35 cm.

Helleborus or. Montsegur

The early flowers range from pink to red. They are always very welcome in a garden, appearing from January till the end of April. Height 50 cm. Spread 35 cm.

Helleborus Pirouette

Leathery dark green leaves. Purple stems bearing saucer shaped pale pink flowers from late Winter into Spring. Semi-evergreen. Clump forming. Height 45 cm.

Heuchera Paris

Evergreen, silvery-green leaves with beautifully contrasting tall spikes of rosy-red flowers in Summer.  Height 35 cm, spread 45 cm.