Herbaceous plants (in botanical use frequently simply herbs) are plants that have no persistent woody stem above ground. The term is mainly applied to perennials, but in botany it may also refer to annuals or biennials, and include both forbs and graminoids.

Annual herbaceous plants die completely at the end of the growing season or when they have flowered and fruited, and they then grow again from seed.

Herbaceous perennial and biennial plants may have stems that die at the end of the growing season, but parts of the plant survive under or close to the ground from season to season.

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Acanthus mollis Whitewater

This plant is a great addition to a herbaceous border, with large variegated green leaves with white splashes. White flowers appear in July-July. Plant in partial shade. Bee Friendly. Height 110 cm.

Acanthus spinosus

With its glossy evergreen leaves this plant is an asset to any herbaceous border. It has very large flower-spikes in Summer, which last long. Height 120 cm. Spread 60 cm

Cimicifuga Chocaholic

Light pink flowers which fade to white in late Summer. Purple/black foliage. Height 150 cm.

Crambe cordifolia

A real back of the border plant. Suitable for poor and dry soil and completely hardy.They will display a gently perfumed frothy mass of tiny white flowers in summer. Height 200 cm. Spread 60 cm.

Crambe maritima

Superb textural plant with its waxy pale blue-green leaves with ruffled edges. Suitable for seaside planting. White flowers will be showing from May till July. Height 75 cm. Spread 100 cm.

Echium candicans

Bushy biennial with grey hairy lance-shaped leaves. Dense spike-like panicles of white, light blue or dark blue in Spring and Summer. Height 200cm.

Echium pininana

To add an exotic touch to the garden, this plant will produce a magnificent tall, blue flower spikes every second year over silver green foliage. Spikes up to 400 cm. Can be very irritant to the skin.

Echium pininana Pink Fountain

A skyscraper plant. Tower of delicate pink flowers June-Sept in year 2 are interspersed with large linear grey-green leaves. leaves. Attracts bees and butterflies. Prefers partial shade moist but well drained soil. Will grow 1 to 3 metres tall.

Echium pininana Snow Tower

Form of Tree Echium. Large Rosestte of silver foliage in 1st year and tall white flowerspike June-Sept in the 2nd year. An architectural plant. Attracts bees & butterflies. Grows up to 15ft tall! Partial shade in moist but well drained soil.

Gunnera manicata

This is a plant that needs loads of space. Very dramatic and ideal for big gardens with damp areas. A leaf can measure upto 150 cm. Needs mulch-cover for crowns in winter. Height 250 cm. Spread 300 cm.

Kniphofia caulescens

The robust rosettes of blue foliage are evergreen. They will be topped by fat spikes of coral-red to pale yellow flowers on stout stems. Good structural plant! Height 120 cm. Spread 70 cm.

Kniphofia John Benary

A real Red Hot Poker originating from Ireland. The vibrant upright red flowers appear in late summer and early autumn. Height 80 cm. Spread 50 cm.