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Aloe Vera

This succulent plants has to be kept indoors on a windowsill or conservatory. Useful to have around as the plant juices are known to help skin conditions. Just tear of a leaf and rub on the plant juices.

Aloe Vera Black Gem

Dark bronze leaved variety of Aloe Vera which has to be grown indoors. Useful plant to have as the plant juices are helpful for skin conditions. Just tear of a leaf and rub the juices on the troubleful spot.

Bronze Fennel

Herbaceous perennial that grows upto 180 cm. Plant in herb garden or in border in fertile, moist but well drained soil in full sun. Fresh aniseed-flavoured seeds and leaves. Leaves are used with oily fish, seafood, and salad dressing. Seeds flavour breads, curries, apple pie and fish sauce. Sprouted seed are used as a salad herb. Purple foliage.  A tonic for the nervous system. Height 180 cm.


(Anthriscus cerefolium) Annual herb. Fern like foliage with aniseed odour. Height 50 cm. Sunny position and free draining soil.


Symphytum rubrum Height 60cm. Moist soil, semi-shade. Relieves colds. Eases pain and heals the skin.


(Foeniculum vulgare) Light green foliage. Leaves are used with oily fish, sea food & salad dressing. Fennel tea is good for upset stomach. Height 180 cm.

French Tarragon

Kitchen herb for containers, window boxes or herb garden in full sun. Leaves have a peppery taste. Used for flavoring chicken, fish and egg dishes. Medicinally used internally for indigestion and for worms in children. Height 90 cm.

Lemon Balm

Melissa officinalis Leaves lemon-scented when crushed. Pale yellow flowers July-September. As a tea it soothes headaches, indigestion & nausea. Height 120 cm.

Lemon Grass

Cymbopogon Citratus Perennial grass. Fragrant leaves. Stalks are used to flavour dishes but are removed before serving. Height 90cm.


Apium graveolens Looks like parsley, tastes like celery. Add leaves to salads, stews and stuffing. Height 25 cm.

Sorrel broadleafed

Rumex acetosa. Leaves can be used sparingly in salads, soups and stews. Green foliage. Height 60 cm.


Valeriana officinalis. Roots give assistance in relieving nervous disorders. Height 150 cm. Moist free-draining soil. Sun or partial shade.