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Chamaemelum nob. Flore Pleno

Evergreen and mat-forming. Big double, white daisy-like flowers with yellow centre  from May-August. Sunny position, free draining soil. Height 15 cm. 


Leaves and flowers are dried for pot-pourri. Also used as tea. Promotes sound sleep and helps digestion. Sunny position and free draining soil.


(Tanacetum partenium) Relieves migraine, the leaves quickly relieve insect bites.

Feverfew Golden

Golden foliage throughout the year with white daisy like flowers July-Sept. Medicinal use - as a migraine preventer.

Fragaria vesca Alexandra

Dwarf strawberry with small red fruits. Height 20 cm. Sunny positon, free- draining soil.

Lavandula ang Edelweiss

This is the best white Lavander available. White flowers from July-August. Height 45cm.

Lemon Verbena

Lemon scented bright green leaves on upright stems. Sprays of tiny lilac/white flowers July-August. Leaves are used to add flavour to fish & poultry dishes. It is also used to make herbal tea. Height 300cm.

Oregano Greek

Strong aroma. White flowers. Widely used in Italian cooking. Height 40cm.

Stevia rebaudiana

A perennial herb with slender oblong green leaves which are edible and sweet tasting. Tubular white flowers in late Summer. Can be planted in pots or containers. Height 60 cm. Spread 60 cm.