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Cynara scolymus

Literally an edible addition to the plant border. The flower buds are edible and aid digestion, if left they will produce showy purple flowers, which attract butterflies and bees. Height 200 cm. spread 100 cm.

Helichrysum italicum dwarf

Evergreen scented shrub with silver-grey foliage with yellow flowers in Summer. Trim back after flowering to maintain a bushy plant. Grown for it's strong curry-like fragrance. Not suitable for eating purposes. Height 40 cm spread 40 cm.


Finely chopped leaves can be added to salads, broths and stuffings. Tea for hoarseness and asthma.

Lavandula x intermedia Grosso

The most fragrant of all lavenders! Narrow grey-green foliage contrasts beautifully with the long slender stems of aromatic deep blue/purple flowers in Summer. Height 100cm. Spread 100cm.


Wild Marjoram Matt-forming. Height 45 cm, fully hardy. Used in mediterranean cooking.

Oregano golden

Used with meat and mediterranean cooking. Golden yellow leaves. Pink flowers July - Sept. Height 40cm.

Oregano Greek

Strong aroma. White flowers. Widely used in Italian cooking. Height 40cm.

Oregano Hot n Spicy

Leaves have peppery flavour. Used in Italian dishes. Grow in full sun in poor fertile soil with good drainage. Cut back old shoots in Spring. Pink flowers from July-September. Height 40 cm

Oregano vulg Country Cream

Variegated Marjoram Height 30 cm. Suitable for patio or border. Sunny position. Used as herb in mediterranean cooking.

Oregano vulg Thumbles Variety

Used in mediterranean cooking. Golden foliage, strong strain. Purple flower. from July till October. Sunny position, free draining soil.

Origanum vulg Compactum

Aromatic perennial herb. Pink flowers from July to September. Height 30 cm. Sunny position. Leaves used in soup, meat dishes and in Tea.