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Chamaemelum nob. Flore Pleno

Evergreen and mat-forming. Big double, white daisy-like flowers with yellow centre  from May-August. Sunny position, free draining soil. Height 15 cm. 

Chives Garlic

Flat leaves, white flowers. Mild Garlic flavour, used in many foods particularly oriental dishes.Height 30cm.

Fragaria vesca Alexandra

Dwarf strawberry with small red fruits. Height 20 cm. Sunny positon, free- draining soil.

Lavandula stoechas Fathead

French Lavender Butterfly shaped purple-blue flowers from May till July. Height 30 cm. Sunny position, free-draining soil.

Lemon Thyme

Thymus citriodorus (Lemon Thyme) is a variable hybrid, with lemon-scented, ovate to Lancelot leaves. Pale pink flowers appear in summer. It is an aromatic, decongestant, relaxant herb with a strong lemon scent. Leaves flavour savoury dishes, especially fish ,stuffings for poultry, and vegetables. Grow in well-drained soil positioned in full sun. Height 23-30cm, Spread 60cm.

Mint Banana

This mint has the unique fragrance and flavour of banana. Lavender flowers and attracts butterflies. The leaves make a good addition to iced drinks and milkshakes. Height 30cm. Spread 60cm.

Oregano golden

Used with meat and mediterranean cooking. Golden yellow leaves. Pink flowers July - Sept. Height 40cm.


Thymus vulgaris Used in flavoring soups, sauces, stews, Beneficial in gastro-intestinal and lung complaints. Height 30 cm.

Thymus Foxley

Broad leafed variegated thyme. Pink flowers in summer. Used in traditional cooking but also good used raw in salads. Height 20 cm.

Thymus vulg Compacta

Evergreen perennial. Herb used for stuffing. Purple flowers May-July. Height 15 cm. Sunny position, free-draining soil.


Asperula Odorata Keeps your cloths moth-free when dried. Plant in partial shade in any free draining soil. Height 15 cm. white flowers in April-May.