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Cynara scolymus

Literally an edible addition to the plant border. The flower buds are edible and aid digestion, if left they will produce showy purple flowers, which attract butterflies and bees. Height 200 cm. spread 100 cm.


Finely chopped leaves can be added to salads, broths and stuffings. Tea for hoarseness and asthma.

Lavandula ‘Silver Mist’

Silver-grey foliage. Blue flowers from June-August. Height 40 cm. Sunny position, free-draining soil.

Lavandula ang Edelweiss

This is the best white Lavander available. White flowers from July-August. Height 45cm.

Lavandula ang Hidcote

English Lavender Fragrant purple flowers in Summer. Height 60 cm. Compact growth. Attracts bees.

Lavandula ang Munstead

Compact habit. Narrow grey-green leaves. Lavender-blue flowers in July. Height 45 cm.

Lavandula Walbertons Silver Edge

Fragrant pale blue flowers in July-August. Variegated leaves. Height 40 cm , Spread 80 cm. Sunny position, moist free-draining soil.


Levesticum officinalis Perennial herb. Fresh leaves are used for flavouring salads, sauces, soup and stews. Root teats mouth ulcers and tonsillitis. Height 180 cm.

Angelica Archangelica

The stems of second year growth can be used to flavour to jams, jellies and stewed fruit. Medicinally this herb is used to treat indigestion, anaemia, coughs and colds. Tea brewed from young leaves relieves nervous headaches.