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Rosa Burgundy Ice

Floribunda Rose. Sweetly scented dark plum luxurious rich velvety  purple flowers, June-September. Glossy light green foliage with a bushy habit.  Height 90 cm, spread 70 cm. 

Rosa Carefree Days

Miniature Patio rose. A small semi-evergreen shrub with glossy dark green leaves. Lightly scented bright pink flowers from June to September. Deciduous. Height 40cm. Spread 40cm.

Rosa Glad Tidings

Floribunda rose. Clusters of double vibrant crimson red flowers from June - September. Dark glossy green foliage. Robust and upright habit. Height 75cm Spread 60cm.

Rosa Ruby Ruby

Miniature Patio rose. Clusters of scented, small double ruby red flowers from June to September. Glossy green foliage. Height 40cm. Spread 50cm.

Rosa Special Anniversary

Hybrid Tea Rose. Upright, thorny shrub rose. Dark glossy green foliage. Strongly scented dark, rose pink flowers bloom from mid Summer through the Autumn. Height 90cm. Spread 90cm.

Rosa Sweet Dream

Miniature Patio rose. Clusters of small double apricot-peach flowers from June to September. Dense glossy foliage with a bush upright habit. Height 45cm. Spread 45cm.

Rosa Sweet Memories

Patio rose. Bushy and compact. Large clusters of lemon yellow flowers bloom repeatedly throughout Summer. Glossy dark green foliage. Height 60cm. Spread 45cm.