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Euphorbia amygd. Purpurea Rubra

The dark foliage contrast well with the yellow springtime blooms. Needs free draining moist soil in sun to a small bight of shade . Also good for winter container planting. Height 30 cm. Spread 50 cm.

Euphorbia char. Burrow Silver

This striking garden plant with its golden margins deserves a place in small border or container! Will produce creamy yellow flowers all spring. Height 60 cm. Spread 60 cm.

Euphorbia characias subsp. wulfenii

The blueish green foliage looks fresh all year round. In early summer the lime yellow flowers dramatically tower above the plant. A great evergreen plant. Height 100 cm. Spread 90 cm.

Euphorbia colibri

This miniature with its purple-grey foliage is ideal for container planting. The bright yellow flowers all have a tiny red eye and appear in spring. Height 30 cm. Spread 40 cm.

Euphorbia cyp. Clarice Howard

In a sunny spot this plant will show foliage colour ranging from orange-red to green to purple. This as well as its yellow flowers in the spring. Height 20 cm. Spread 35 cm.

Euphorbia Excalibur

Colourful! Early foliage is red, maturing to grey-green In the autumn the stems and foliage turn red to purple. With its yellow flowers in summer quite a rainbow! Height 60 cm. Spread 60 cm.

Euphorbia griffithii Fireglow

Strong garden grower with bushy habit. In spring the red flowers last long and show up well against its green foliage. Fresh leaves have a red touch too. Height 100 cm. Spread 50 cm.

Euphorbia myrsinites

The blueish-green leaves makes you think this is a succulent. It is best positioned in a sunny rockery where its yellow flowers will show in spring early summer. Height 20 cm. Spread 15 cm.