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Phlox amoena Variegata

Rockery, semi-evergreen cream- margined foliage. Deep pink flowers, May-June. Sunny position, free-draining soil.

Phlox doug Red Admiral

Vigorous grower, but compact habit. Height 10 cm. Crimson flowers in April and May.

Phlox doug White Admiral

Compact. White flower from April to May. Height 10 cm.

Phlox pan Darwins Joyce

Dark green foliage with creamy-yellow edge. Pink flower with dark eye June-Sept. Height 80 cm.

Phlox pan Harlequin

Reddish-purple flowers from July-September. Leaves with broad ivory-white margins. Height 80 cm. Sunny position, moist free-draining soil.

Phlox sub Emerald Cushion

Creeping Phlox. Pale blue flowers from April-June. Height 15 cm.

Phlox sub McDaniels Cushion

Rockery, semi-evergreen. Red flowers in May and June. Sunny position and free- draining soil. Height 15cm.

Phlox sub Nettleton Variation

Rockery, semi-evergreen, cream variegated foliage. Bright pink flowers May-June. Sunny position, free-draining soil.