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Phlox amoena Variegata

Rockery, semi-evergreen cream- margined foliage. Deep pink flowers, May-June. Sunny position, free-draining soil.

Phlox doug Red Admiral

Vigorous grower, but compact habit. Height 10 cm. Crimson flowers in April and May.

Phlox pan Darwins Joyce

Dark green foliage with creamy-yellow edge. Pink flower with dark eye June-Sept. Height 80 cm.

Phlox pan Harlequin

Reddish-purple flowers from July-September. Leaves with broad ivory-white margins. Height 80 cm. Sunny position, moist free-draining soil.

Phlox sub McDaniels Cushion

Rockery, semi-evergreen. Red flowers in May and June. Sunny position and free- draining soil. Height 15cm.

Phlox sub Nettleton Variation

Rockery, semi-evergreen, cream variegated foliage. Bright pink flowers May-June. Sunny position, free-draining soil.