Primrose Primula

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Primula auricula

Fully hardy, evergreen. Fragrant flat mixed flowers are borne in large umbels in April. Height 15cm.

Primula rosea Grandiflora

Height 15cm. Pink flowers with a yellow eye, before leaves develop, March-April.

Primula vialii

Clump-forming. Height 30 cm. Frost hardy. Dense spikes of tubular purple and red flowers in late Spring.

Primula vulgaris

Primrose Pale yellow flowers from March till May. Height 20 cm. Partial shade, free-draining humus-rich, moist soil. Evergreen.

Primula x Pubescens auricula

Low growing and evergreen. Flowers of various colours in Spring including yellow, white, pink, purple, red, etc. Some are even bi-coloured and often fragrant. Height 10cm.