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Rudbeckia f v sul Goldsturm

From August to October golden-yellow flower- heads with conical black centers. Height 75 cm. Prefers moist soil.

Rudbeckia Herbstsonne

Height 200 cm. Daisy-like yellow flowers with a prominent conical green center in August-September. Sunny position, well-draining soil.

Rudbeckia Little Gold Star

Yellow flowers with a black center from August-October. Height 35 cm. Compact habit. Attracts butterflies & bees.

Rudbeckia Summerina Brown

A cross between Echinacea & Rudbeckia. Masses of flowers from July - October. Brown centers with orange tips. Attracts bees. Plant in a sunny position. Height 50cm. Spread 30cm. Strong, bushy & compact plants.

Rudbeckia Summerina Orange

A cross between Echinacea and Rudbeckia. Masses of flowers from July - October, orange with a red-ringed central cone. Strong bushy & compact plants. Attracts bees. Height 50cm. Spread 30cm. Plant in a sunny position.