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Sedum nussbaumerianum

A rosette of beautiful yellow succulent foliage of thick leaves with pointed tips. Turns a fabulous coppery red in full sun. This really unique, eye-catching and low growing plant blooms small white flowers in late spring. Height 20cm.

Sedum Pachyclados

A lovely evergreen ground cover for the dry garden forms a spreading carpet of small, succulent, blue-green rosettes. Clusters of white flowers appear in mid to late summer. Reaches a maximum height of 10 cm.

Sedum reflex. ‘Yellow Cushion’

A striking rockery plant. Vibrant lime-green succulent foliage. Produces yellow star-shaped flowers in the Summer. These flowers are very attractive to pollinators. Height 10cm. Spread 20cm.

Sedum spur. ‘Variegatum’

Cream, grey-green and red variegated foliage. Clump forming - great ground-cover. Ideal in rockeries, beds, containers. Pink flowers from July to September. Height 10cm. Spread 30cm.