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Thalictrum Black Stockings

Black stems that bear clusters of deep pink flowers, above lush green foliage. Good cutflower. Height 120 cm.

Thalictrum d Hewitts Dbl

Elegant, clump-forming. Height 100 cm. Large panicles of nodding double lilac flowers from mid to late Summer.

Thalictrum Elin

An architectural plant. Blue-grey foliage tinged with red. Tall stems with big airy sprays of lilac-purple and cream flowers. Height 180 cm.

Thalictrum Evening Star

Lovely woodland and shade perennial. Olive and copper to red-brown foliage. Tufts of lavender flowers through Spring and Summer. Height 30 cm.

Thalictrum Little Pinkie

Compact Thalictrum. Clusters of dark pink flowers from June to July. Height 45 cm. 

Thalictrum Splendide

A mass of green foliage with burgundy stems bearing sprays of flowers in mauve-pink shades in mid-late Summer. Height 180 cm.