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Thymus vulgaris Used in flavoring soups, sauces, stews, Beneficial in gastro-intestinal and lung complaints. Height 30 cm.

Thymus doef Bressingham

Height 10 cm. Creeping, grey leaves in rosettes. Pink flowers in June and July. Suitable for crazy paving. Evergreen.

Thymus Doone Valley

Creeping Lemon Thyme Height 5 cm. Lilac flowers in June-July. Golden, variegated evergreen foliage. Sunny position, free-draining soil.

Thymus Foxley

Broad leafed variegated thyme. Pink flowers in summer. Used in traditional cooking but also good used raw in salads. Height 20 cm.

Thymus serp coccineus

Creeping, suitable for crazy pavement. Dark green foliage with pink flowers from June till September. Height 5 cm.

Thymus serpyllum albus

Creeping, height 10 cm. Green foliage with white flowers in August.

Thymus vulg Compacta

Evergreen perennial. Herb used for stuffing. Purple flowers May-July. Height 15 cm. Sunny position, free-draining soil.

Thymus x c Archers Gold

Height 10 cm, compact growth. Bright yellow foliage. strongest in Summer. Pale lavender flowers in June-July. Evergreen.

Thymus x c Golden King

Upright and bushy habit. Leaves are rimmed with gold. Blue flowers in June and July. Height 20 cm. Lemon-scented.

Thymus x c Variegata

Bushy, leaves are variegated with white. Pale mauve flowers from June till August. Height 20 cm. Evergreen.