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Rosa ‘Emily Bronte’

Rosa 'Emily Bronte' (Ausearnshaw) David Austin® English Rose. An upright English shrub rose with dark green foliage. Clusters of fragrant double pale pink flowers with a yellow hue bloom from summer to autumn. Deadheading will encourage repeat flowering throughout the summer. Can reach up to 125cm in height.

Rosa ‘Roald Dahl’

Rosa 'Roald Dahl' (Ausowlich) David Austin® English Rose.  A very healthy English shrub rose with few thorns. Its soft orange-red buds open to outstanding rosettes of perfect apricot coloring. This extremely robust rose has a lovely fruity tea scent. Can reach up to 90cm in height and can spread approximately 110cm.  

Rosa ‘The Lady Gardener’

Rosa 'The Lady Gardener' (Ausbrass) David Austin® English Rose. Beautiful large rosettes with loosely arranged petals form above mid green foliage which sits on red stems. These flowers are an amazing shade of apricot and begin to pale towards the edge of each petal. has a lovely tea fragrance with hints of vanilla. Can reach a maximum height of 125cm.