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Acanthus mollis Whitewater

This plant is a great addition to a herbaceous border, with large variegated green leaves with white splashes. White flowers appear in July-July. Plant in partial shade. Bee Friendly. Height 110 cm.

Achillea Huteri

This low growing plant is very suitable as an addition to rockery and/or container with its delicate silver foliage. In addition it will bear loads of white flowers all Summer Height 10 cm. Spread 30 cm.

Aconitum x camm. Bicolor

A fully hardy addition to the herbaceous border. Bright glossy foliage and two toned, violet and white flowers in the shape of a monks hood. Flowers all Summer. Height 120 cm. Spread 50cm.

Agapanthus Double Diamond

Dwarf variety of Agapanthus with small heads of pretty double white flowers from July to September. Strap-like dark green foliage. Makes good groundcover in the garden or suitable for a planter. Evergreen. Height 30cm.

Agapanthus Ice Lolly

Forms a large clump of broad, strap-like, glossy green leaves. Sturdy erect stems bear large umbels of trumpet-shaped bright white flowers, borne in clusters. Blooming in late Summer. Garden plant for flowerbed in moist but well-drained soil in full sun. Can reach an average height of 90 cm and spread of 50 cm.

Agapanthus Polar Ice

Clusters of a clear bright white flower forms a loose big ball shape that will add to any herbaceous display in your garden. These last long in the garden setting. Height 80cm. Spread 40 cm

Agapanthus White Umbrella

Robust plant with trumpet shaped white flowers in July and August. Narrow strap-like leaves. Height 90cm.

Alcea r. Spring Celebrities White

Compact strain of the old fashioned favourite. Bushy plants and sturdy stems with a showy display of double white flowers from late Spring though the Summer months. Good cut flower. Attracts bees & butterflies. Height 80cm. Spread 30cm.

Allium stipitatum Mont Blanc

A tall and elegant Allium. Sturdy stems topped by majestic globes of pure white flowers in late Spring to early Summer. Naturalizes well. Excellent cut or dried flower. Attracts butterflies. Height 120cm.

Aster alpinus albus

This rockery plant will brighten up your garden during the summer with its cheerful daisy like white flowers with yellow centre. Height 15 cm. Spread 45 cm.

Aster n.b. Schneekissen

The semi double white flowers appear from mid to late summer. This is a good dwarf variety of Aster to add Autumn colour to any garden. Height 25 cm. Spread 30 cm.

Astilbe ar. Irrlicht

Strong leafy garden plants with sturdy stems. White feathery plumes appear in Summer, these dry on the plant, giving texture also in winter months Height 60 cm. Spread 60 cm.