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Cotula hispida

With its silvery-grey, velvetty foliage this is an all year round addition of class to a rockery. The tiny yellow flowers May-September resemble tiny buttons. Height 15 cm. Spread 40 cm

Lysimachia numm. Aurea

Creeping Jenny. Creeping stems bear yellow foliage. Bright yellow flowers in Summer. Sunny position, well draining soil. Height 5cm.

Lysimachia nummularia

Creeping Jenny Prostrate habit, green foliage. Excellent groundcover. Many bright yellow flowers in Summer. Height 5 cm.

Oxalis chrysantha

Creeping. Half-hardy. Forms mats of clover-like foliage. Funnel-shaped, bright yellow flowers in Summer. Needs a sheltered position. Height 5 cm.

Oxalis vulcanicola

Rockery. A profusion of yellow flowers in May and June. Plant in sunny position and free draining soil.

Raoulia hookeri

Evergreen, prostrate with tiny grey-silver rosettes. Best in poor gritty humus. Pale yellow-green flowers. Dislikes winter wet. Height 1cm. Sunny position, well-draining soil.

Sedum acre Aureum

Biting Stonecrop Brilliant foliage colour. Prostrate, succulent ground-cover plant with pale lime to yellow leaves. Yellow flowers in June and July. Great in the rockery. Evergreen. Height 10cm.

Sedum kam Weihenst Gold

Semi-evergreen. Sprawling habit. Flowers are golden yellow, turning to orange from June till August. Height 10 cm.

Sedum oreganum

A fantastic low growing succulent alpine that creates a mat of green foliage which turns crimson red in Winter. Striking acid yellow star-shaped flowers in late Summer. Will grow in dry or poor soils. Plant in sun or partial shade. Height 20 cm. Spread 50 cm.

Sedum spath Cape Blanco

Yellow flowers from May-June. Grey foliage. Height 10 cm. Plant in a sunny position.

Sedum spath Purpureum

Evergreen, mat-forming. rosettes of fleshy grayish-purplish leaves. Clusters of tiny yellow flowers are borne just above foliage in Summer. Sunny position.

Sempervivum ciliosum borisii

House leek. Rockery. Evergreen rosettes with greenish-yellow flowers in June July. Height 10 cm. Sunny position, free-draining soil.