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Agastache Blue Boa

Thick and showy spikes of long deep violet-blue flowers in late Summer & Autumn. Bright green foliage with a fragrance of anise. Butterflies just love this one!! Also a good cut flower. Height 75cm Spread 40cm.

Agastache hyb. Black Adder

Tiny violet-blue flowers arranged on a tall black spire resembling a bottlebrush. Long lasting flowers from July to October. Height 75cm. Spread 40cm.

Aster Little Carlow

Masses of lilac blue daisy like flowers with yellow centres bloom in late Summer and Autumn. A RHS Garden of Merit plant. Grow in full sun or part shade in fertile free drained soil. Cut back in Winter. Height 80cm.

Dahlia Mystic Illusion

Single bright yellow flowers contrast very well against the rich dark purple almost black foliage. Blooms from May - October. Height 70cm. Spread 50cm.

Pennisetum Princess Caroline

Wonderful addition to the garden grown for its striking foliage. Broad and shiny, rich dark purple almost black leaves create an elegant mound and do not fade. Height 75cm.

Pennisetum setacum Fireworks

Fantastic foliage colour. Arching leaves with bold stripes of red, pink and green mature to a rich burgundy. Showy purple flowerspikes in mid-Summer to Autumn. Half hardy. Also good in pots on patio. Height 90cm. Spread 60cm.

Penstemon Evelyn

Height 70 cm, compact, floriferous pale purplish-pink flower from July till October. Sunny position and rich soil.

Penstemon Garnet

Snapdragon like, open mouthed deep red flowers, borne in racemes in July-October. Height 70 cm. Plant in a sunny position, free-draining soil.

Penstemon Rubicundus

Fleshy, greyish foliage. Red flowers with white throat from July till October. Height 80 cm.

Rudbeckia f v sul Goldsturm

From August to October golden-yellow flower- heads with conical black centers. Height 75 cm. Prefers moist soil.

Salvia micr Love and Wishes

Wonderful rich purple-pink flowers blooming all summer long - from June to October. Pale olive-green foliage. Bees and butterflies will love this one in the garden! Height 70cm.

Salvia microphylla Caramba

Red flowers with silver variegated foliage from June to October. Height 80 cm. Plant in a warm sunny position.