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Agapanthus Northern Star

Forms a large clump of broad, strap-like, glossy green leaves, slightly flushed with purple at the base. Sturdy erect stems bear large umbels of multicolored, trumpet-shaped flowers in late Summer. Each petal is a violet-blue striped with purple at the centre. Garden plant for flowerbed in moist but well-drained soil in full sun.

Aloe Vera

This succulent plants has to be kept indoors on a windowsill or conservatory. Useful to have around as the plant juices are known to help skin conditions. Just tear of a leaf and rub on the plant juices.

Aster frik. Monch

In late summer early autumn this aster will give big lavender blue flowers, which measure 5cm across. More mildew resitant then most asters. Height up to 100 cm Spread 60 cm

Aster Little Carlow

Masses of lilac blue daisy like flowers with yellow centres bloom in late Summer and Autumn. A RHS Garden of Merit plant. Grow in full sun or part shade in fertile free drained soil. Cut back in Winter. Height 80cm.

Astilbe ar. Fanal

Strong leafy garden plant with strong stems. Neat feathery crimson red flowers plumes appear in Summer, turning brown but staying shapely in winter. Height 60 cm. Spread 60 cm.

Astilbe s. h. Sprite

Ferns-like green foliage combines with fluffy flower spikes. These are made up of loads of tiny shell-pink flowers. An interesting combination. Height 30 cm. Spread 60 cm.

Astrantia maj.Sunningdale Var

Cheerfully variegated foliage with yellow and cream will add colour to the border. Greenish white flowers in the shape of a pincushions in Summer and Autumn. Height 60 cm. Spread 30 cm.

Astrantia major Shaggy

Silvery-white flowers tinged with green and pink resemble the shape of a pin cushion. If cut back after the first flowering repeat flowering is encouraged. Height 50 cm. Spread 30 cm.

Bergenia Bressingham White

The glossy green foliage will look good all year. The pure white flowers in Spring will brighten up any shady areas in the garden, especially front of border. Height 45 cm. Spread 25 cm.

Brunnera mac. Hadspen Cream

The irregular creamy white margins will brighten things up in borders or near ponds. The vivid blue forget-me-not flowers from early spring to summer. Height 40 cm. Spread 30 cm.

Brunnera macrophylla

The bright blue sprays of flowers resemble those of forget-me-not and bring the Spring a bit closer. Good mound forming garden plant. Height 45 cm. Spread 40 cm.

Caltha palustris Plena

This plant is suitable for planting right at the water edge of a pond or other wet spots. Buttercup yellow double flowers appear early in the year. Height 30 cm. Spread 45 cm.