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Acorus gram. Ogon

With its golden variegated leaves, which stay evergreen, this is a versatile garden plant. It is suitable as a water- side plant and in the border, Sunny position is best for it. Height 25 cm. Spread 20 cm.

Ajuga rep. Burgundy Glow

Wonderful tricoloured leaves of this ground cover plant will add all year colour to the front of the border or rockery. Short spikes of blue flowers in Spring are a bonus. Height 15 cm. Spread 30 cm

Ajuga rep. Evening Glow

With its purple foliage this plant will help you to have colour in the garden all year round. The purple to blue flowerspikes appear in May and June. Height 15 cm. Spread 60cm.

Alchemilla mollis Thriller

The soft green leaves of this plant will hold on to the last raindrops and these will sparkle like diamonds! Loads and loads of small yellow flowers in Summer. Height 50 cm. Spread 50 cm.

Asplenium scol. angustifolia

Harts Tongue Ferns Semi-evergreen. Strap shaped glossy green fronds. Height 40 cm. Prefers moist soil and shady positon.

Asplenium scol. Cristata

Harts tongue Ferns. Glossy bright green evergreen crested fronds. Strongly curled at the tips. Height 40cm

Asplenium trichomanes incisum

Maidenhair Spleenwort Evergreen. Narrow lance-shaped bright green fronds. Height 15 cm. Light shade. Dry grity limy soil.

Astilbe Colour Flash Lime

Leaves begins a bright yellow in Spring and matures to a chartreuse green over the season, forming an attractive mound of bright foliage. Fluffy plumes of pink flowers compliment the foliage in Summer. Garden plant for flowerbed in rich moist soil. Best in a partially shaded spot but will also tolerate full shade or full sun. Height 60 cm, spread 50 cm.

Athyrium ‘Silver Falls’

A unique fern with a broad habit. Attractive, arching triangular fronds are silvery-green. Foliage is a strong silver in Spring changing to green as the season progresses. Purple-red stems and midribs create a striking contrast. An excellent ground-cover for moist shady areas. A versatile garden plant for flowerbed. Prefers a damp soil in full or partial shade. Good for under-planting, in shady areas, in the woodland or rock garden. Approximate height and spread; 90cm x 60cm.

Athyrium felix-femina

Lady Ferns Deciduous. Height 60 cm. Fully hardy. Dainty arching pale green fronds. Plant in partial shade.

Athyrium fil.fem. Frizelliae

Tatting Ferns Deciduous. Light green fronds. Originally discovered in County Wicklow. Semi-shade, medium to damp soil. Best planted in small groups. Height 30 cm.

Athyrium nip. var. p. Burgundy Lace

Triangular metalic-grey leaves infused with spectacular wine-burgundy as they emerge. Low growing clumps are a showstopper in borders. Deciduous. Height 40cm.