Herbaceous plants (in botanical use frequently simply herbs) are plants that have no persistent woody stem above ground. The term is mainly applied to perennials, but in botany it may also refer to annuals or biennials, and include both forbs and graminoids.

Annual herbaceous plants die completely at the end of the growing season or when they have flowered and fruited, and they then grow again from seed.

Herbaceous perennial and biennial plants may have stems that die at the end of the growing season, but parts of the plant survive under or close to the ground from season to season.

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Achillea fill. Cloth of Gold

Plant produces flat yellow flowerheads in Summer. When dried, these retain their colour very well, which makes them ideal to use in flower arrangements Height 100 cm. Spread 60 cm

Achillea Moonshine

This plant bears flat heads of bright yellow flowers in Summer. These are very suitable for drying as well as use as cut flowers. This plant will thrive in a sunny spot. Height 60 cm. Spread 50 cm.

Alchemilla mollis Thriller

The soft green leaves of this plant will hold on to the last raindrops and these will sparkle like diamonds! Loads and loads of small yellow flowers in Summer. Height 50 cm. Spread 50 cm.

Caltha palustris Plena

This plant is suitable for planting right at the water edge of a pond or other wet spots. Buttercup yellow double flowers appear early in the year. Height 30 cm. Spread 45 cm.

Coreopsis Citrine

A real wow plant! Compact foliage with impressive bright citrus yellow flowers in abundance all summer long. Height 30cm.

Coreopsis grand. Calypso

The cream and green foliage topped with an abundance of golden yellow flowers are a bright and cheerful addition to any garden. Height 40 cm. Spread 40 cm. Plant in a sunny position, in free-draining soil.

Coreopsis Sunray

Add a ray of sunshine to your border with this showy and sun loving yellow flowering garden plant. On show from late spring all through the summer. Height 45 cm. Spread 45 cm.

Coreopsis UpTick Gold Bronze

A neat mounding habit of foliage with striking bi-coloured flowers from May to September. A large eye of deep bronze surrounded by gold. A good cutflower. Height 35cm. Spread 35cm.

Coreopsis UpTick Yellow and Red

A neat mounding habit of foliage with striking bi-coloured flowers from May to September. A large eye of burgundy red surrounded by yellow. A good cut flower. A low maintenance plant which is disease resistant. Height 35 cm. Spread 35 cm.

Coreopsis vert. Moonbeam

A very reliable, versatile and effective garden plant. Each tiny flower has 8 perfectly formed yellow petals. There will be masses of them all through the season! Height 50 cm. Spread 40 cm.

Coreopsis vert. Zagreb

Useful plant to add variety of foliage to a border. There is an airy texture to this border plant, topped with bright yellow flowers from Summer till end of Autumn. Height 35 cm. Spread 30 cm.

Crocosmia George Davison

The lemon-yellow flowers are born on slender stems. Very easy grown they will make sure that you have a splash of yellow in Autumn, doubles up as excellent cut-flower. Height 70 cm. Spread 40 cm.