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Rosa Margaret Merril

Floribunda Rose. Clusters of superb double white flowers from June to September. Glossy dark green foliage. Good bushy growth. Highly scented and fantastic cut flower. Height 75cm. Spread 60cm.

Rosa Pascali

Hybrid Tea Rose. Fantastic Creamy white flowers June to September, on long strong stems making it ideal for cutting. Very free flowering. Vigorous, bushy habit with glossy green foliage. Height 150cm. Spread 100cm.

Rosa Pink Peace

Hybrid Tea rose. Large, double, cupped bright pink flowers June-September are very fragrant. Green leathery foliage. Upright and bushy with long stems ideal for cutting. Height 120cm. Spread 75cm.

Rosa Rhapsody in Blue

Floribunda Rose. Clusters of dark blue-purple semi-double flowers from June to September. Glossy green foliage with good bushy growth. Nicely perfumed blooms. Height 90cm. Spread 60cm.

Rosa Romance

Floribunda rose. Carmine pink flowers from June to September, with a slight fragrance. Dark glossy green foliage. Disease-resistant. Height 110cm. Spread 80cm.

Rosa Ruby Ruby

Miniature Patio rose. Clusters of scented, small double ruby red flowers from June to September. Glossy green foliage. Height 40cm. Spread 50cm.

Rosa Sheilas Perfume

Floribunda Rose. Really attractive Rose. Large, soft yellow blooms are edged with rose red and have a beautiful strong fragrance. Dark glossy green foliage creates a lovely bushy plant. Height 80cm. Spread 60cm.

Rosa Special Anniversary

Hybrid Tea Rose. Upright, thorny shrub rose. Dark glossy green foliage. Strongly scented dark, rose pink flowers bloom from mid Summer through the Autumn. Height 90cm. Spread 90cm.

Rosa Sweet Dream

Miniature Patio rose. Clusters of small double apricot-peach flowers from June to September. Dense glossy foliage with a bush upright habit. Height 45cm. Spread 45cm.

Rosa Sweet Memories

Patio rose. Bushy and compact. Large clusters of lemon yellow flowers bloom repeatedly throughout Summer. Glossy dark green foliage. Height 60cm. Spread 45cm.

Rosa Bantry Bay

Climbing Rose. Large semi-double, slightly fragrant bright pink flowers from June - September. Mid green foliage.  Height 300 cm, spread 300 cm